Multiroir-Mdose Press release: Hyppomed acquisition

The Multiroir-Mdose group strengthens its range of medical equipment. An announcement has just been made about the acquisition of a new company named HYPPOmed. This company is a medical IT equipment distributor that offering various medical solutions such as medical panel PC, medical screen, medical cart, etc.

Multiroir-Mdose Press release: Hyppomed acquisition
Multiroir-Mdose Press release: Hyppomed acquisition
The companies Mdose and Hyppomed are joining their forces to offer the medical market a wide range of treatment carts, computer equipment, preparation of doses to be administered and protection of personnel.
For Jérôme Marron, Hyppomed director, "Joining the Mdose team is excellent news for our customers, because they will be able to benefit from know-how in manufacturing and design. This integration is also an accelerator in terms of innovation and therefore goes in the direction of a product offering that is always more at the forefront of market expectations. "
 The HYPPOMED company was born in 2009 from the desire of the SIRENE Group - manufacturer of PCs and industrial screens - to develop a medical activity. The company has made a place for itself in the landscape of IT and biomedical equipment for healthcare facilities. The range includes PCs with
medical standards, fixings, computer trolleys, keyboards… Hyppomed thus offers complete solutions adapted to many uses: operating theaters, recovery rooms, intensive care, resuscitation…
 After the takeover of Lobrot, the Multiroir / Mdose group took a new step forward with the acquisition of Hyppomed.
For Thierry Bureau, group president: "This acquisition is part of our external growth strategy and foreshadows a promising future for the group. Hyppomed's expertise in medical informatics will be of great help to us. "

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