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Placemed, a reliable diagnosis!

Medical diagnosis

In this themaatic, Placemed offers wide ranges of medical equipment dedicated to diagnosis and covering all the needs of healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. Thus, you will find everything you need to examine your patients. Whether you are looking for generalist or specialized diagnostic equipment, you are on the right market place which brings together not only the best suppliers of medical equipment, but also the best brands of MDs. Placemed's goal is to help you find, in just a few clicks, the medical device that is perfectly suited to your needs at the best value for money. This thematic universe references electronic or conventional stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, audiometers, ophthalmoscope, dermatoscopes, pulse oximeters, spirometers, electrocardiographs, etc.

Professional quality at factory price!

Medical instrumentation

Placemed offers a wide range of medical and surgical instrumentation to meet the daily needs of healthcare professionals. This universe brings together various medical devices selected for their quality. They range from a simple container to manual and electric scalpels, including injection and sampling instruments essential for laboratory analyses. Whether you are looking for medical instruments for general medicine, gynecology, dermatology, otolaryngology or any other medical specialty, you will find at Placemed the medical device that will meet your needs at the best quality ratio. -price. You will find stainless steel medical containers, instrument boxes, scissors, syringes & needles, forceps, scalpels, blades, etc.

Protect your nursing staff!

Hygiene and protection

The medical equipment exhibited in the “Hygiene and protection PLACEMED” thematic universe is made up of products particularly recommended for use in hospitals, as well as in medical practices. Nevertheless, some of these products can perfectly be used by all professions, in particular protective screens and surgical masks. Thus, you will find in this theme all types of solutions that meet the needs of limiting the risks of contamination in hospitals and in the workplace. Discover without delay our surgical masks, protective walls, personal protective visors, hydroalcoholic gels and other disinfectant solutions.

Complete line of computerized medical equipment!

Logistics & furnitures

In this thematic, PLACEMED offers you a complete product offer of medical IT solutions dedicated to healthcare professionals. These solutions cover all the medical IT needs of each of the departments of a healthcare establishment. Today, medical IT equipment has become an essential element for the proper functioning of the various departments of a healthcare establishment. The Placemed marketplace selects only quality, ergonomic and resistant products and solutions. Our medical equipment supplier partners offer software, workstations, computerized carts, panel PCs and many other IT devices and solutions dedicated to the healthcare sector.

Furniture and medical logistics!

Medical informatic equipment

Placemed has selected for you, healthcare professionals, the best medical supplies to optimize the layout of your establishment, provide comfort to your patients in the reception areas and above all offer them better care and diagnosis. Whether you are looking for an emergency trolley, a treatment trolley, an examination table, a dental unit, a gynecology chair or simply small furniture for your waiting room, you have come to the right address and on the good marketplace. A wide choice of high quality supplies at negotiated prices awaits you! In this section dedicated to "furniture and medical logistics" you will find a wide choice of equipment such as: trolleys, pedestal tables, steps, screens, lighting, examination couch, IV stands, medical display cases, emergency bags, crusher , pill crushers, pill dispensers, etc.

Take better care of your patients!

Care & Bandages

Selected from the best suppliers of medical equipment and the biggest brands of medical devices, the products in this universe will meet all of your needs as healthcare professionals in terms of “care and bandages”. These products are more than necessary for the daily care of your patients, in particular for disinfecting wounds, stopping bleeding and dressing wounds, whatever the nature of your healthcare establishment: hospital emergency room, doctor's office, dental clinic, retirement home, etc. Find a wide range of varied, reliable, quality and at the best price "care and dressing" products: plaster, bandage, surgical glue, compress, medical cotton, suture thread, tourniquet, dressing, infusion set, IV holder, etc. …

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