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Comfort, Style, and Professionalism!

Professional Medical Attire

At Placemed, we offer an exclusive collection of medical attire, specifically designed for healthcare professionals who do not compromise on style and comfort. Our white coats, tunics, trousers, caps, and hairnets are made from high-quality fabrics that ensure optimal hygiene and durability throughout your intense workdays. These medical outfits combine professional elegance and practicality, with options suitable for all medical environments, from hospitals to private clinics.

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Safety and Comfort with Every Step!

Hospital Clogs and Shoes!

Our range of medical shoes and clogs is ideal for healthcare professionals who value their comfort and safety. These shoes are equipped with non-slip soles and ergonomic support to prevent fatigue and accidents. Available for both men and women in various styles, our shoes and clogs are perfect for those who spend many hours on their feet. They provide reliable protection in all types of medical environments, from emergency rooms to specialized clinics.

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Placemed, Reliable Diagnostics!

Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Our selection of medical diagnostic equipment offers the precision and reliability needed by healthcare professionals to provide quality care. With products like examination gloves, exam drapes, thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, and medical cases, you are equipped to face all diagnostic challenges. Whether for routine check-ups or complex diagnostics, our instruments will meet all your needs. They are chosen for their precision, ease of use, and durability, ensuring reliable diagnostics with every use.

stethoscope | thermometer | exam drapes | examination gloves | blood pressure monitor | medical case | baby thermometer

Layout, Quality, and Functionality!

Medical Furniture and Logistics

Explore our extensive range of medical furniture and logistical equipment,designed to enhance efficiency and comfort in healthcare facilities. Whether you need examination tables, medical screens, stools, step stools, care trolleys, medical carts, laundry carts, or medical cabinets, each product is manufactured to meet the strictest health standards. Our medical furniture solutions are not only practical but also ergonomic, easing the daily work of caregivers while providing the best possible comfort to your patients.

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