Protective glasses

This stand is dedicated to medical protective glasses as well as laboratory glasses. It is entirely animated by manufacturers and sellers of medical equipment, national and international, serious and offering quality products. You will find all types of protective glasses with different designs, various colors and materials: safety glasses, radiology protection, laser protection, with UV filter, anti-fog, panoramic, disposable, reusable, etc.

What is a medical protective glasses?

The medical protective glasses, like the laboratory eyewear, is a medical device designed to protect the eyes of healthcare professionals and patients. It is mainly used in medical disciplines involving interventions that pose a risk of infection or injury to the eye of the practitioner or patient by dust, particles, chemicals or UV radiation. It is therefore the most effective means of protecting the eyes against any type of glare, splash or optical radiation.

Medical protective glasses provides you with a physical barrier against infectious agents potentially present in your work environment. Thus, correctly selected and well-maintained medical protective glasses will be your essential ally to ensure the safety of your eyes.

What are the most popular protective oglasses models on the DM market?

The temple model: Mounted on temples, this model looks like ordinary sunglasses, but it has more robust lenses and frames that cover more of the face for better protection. Temple goggles generally offer standard protection against splinters, splashes, radio waves.

The mask model: very appreciated in disciplines that require interventions involving the use of a laser, this model of glasses offers the practitioner maximum, even complete protection against splinters, splashes and UV radiation. Indeed, these medical protective glasses adapt perfectly to the face and fully cover the entire eye contour, which also gives them the appearance of an underwater mask.

How to choose medical protective glasses?

Today, the medical device market is full of medical protective eyewear of all types and shapes, and choosing the right eye protection device is becoming increasingly difficult.

The choice of medical protective glasses must be based mainly on the type of use and the risk involved.

  • Splash of chemical and biological liquids
  • Splinters and flying particles following mechanical shocks
  • Present fine dust
  • Exposure to UV radiation
  • etc.

In addition, the following criteria can also help you choose your eye protection equipment:

  • Sizing: the right size provides better protection and more comfort for the professional
  • Visibility: the ability to see without interference or distortion, including with peripheral vision and an important consideration
  • Weight: the lighter the glasses, the better! Especially when worn for a long time
  • Nose pad: it must be soft and comfortable
  • Coatings: check for special coatings against fogging and scratches
  • Appearance: appearance can also be an important criterion!

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