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The wired Azerty MEDIGENIC keyboard is composed of 105 standard IP-65 keys. This medical keyboard is made of silicone in a flat design for easy cleaning. It is hypoallerg...

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Meet the future of hygiene with our "Washable Keyboard" stand! At the intersection of innovation and health, the range of washable keyboards presented by our partner merchants offers the ideal solution for demanding healthcare professionals. Designed to withstand the requirements of your professional environment, these revolutionary keyboards are fully cleanable, providing maximum protection against bacteria and viruses. Visit our stand and discover how our washable keyboards can transform your daily practice, ensuring a cleaner and safer work environment. More than just a tool, it is a true guarantee of hygiene for you, your colleagues, and your patients. Step into the era of clean computing with our washable keyboards!

What is a Washable Keyboard?

A washable keyboard is a technological innovation designed to address hygiene challenges in various environments, including medical settings. Unlike conventional keyboards, washable keyboards can be cleaned with water and soap, effectively eliminating germs, bacteria, and dirt that can accumulate over time. With the increasing importance of maintaining rigorous hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases, especially in contexts such as hospitals, clinics, and medical practices, the washable keyboard is a perfect solution. Not only does it offer better protection against potential contaminants, but it also enhances the longevity of the equipment by preventing damage caused by accidental spills. Explore the range of washable keyboards for a healthier and safer work environment.

Why Choose a Washable Keyboard in a Medical Setting?

Choosing a washable keyboard is a strategic decision for those who value cleanliness and hygiene, particularly in the current context marked by the pandemic. Remote work and shared office spaces have increased the need to maintain a clean work environment to prevent the spread of diseases. Standard keyboards, with their cramped spaces between keys, are prone to accumulating dirt and germs, and cleaning them can be challenging. This is where the washable keyboard makes a difference. Easy to clean, water-resistant, and compatible with detergents, it ensures optimal hygiene and significantly reduces the risk of contamination. Additionally, its resilience to spills extends its lifespan compared to traditional keyboards. Investing in a washable keyboard is an investment in health, safety, and sustainability!

What Are the Types of Washable Keyboards?

Washable keyboards are available in different types, each offering varying levels of water resistance and ease of cleaning.
Fully submersible keyboards are designed to withstand complete immersion in water, allowing for thorough cleaning and effective disinfection. They are ideal for environments where a high level of hygiene is required, such as hospitals or laboratories.
Splash-resistant keyboards, on the other hand, are designed to withstand accidental liquid spills, making cleaning easier and extending their lifespan compared to standard keyboards.
Finally, some keyboards feature removable keys for cleaning. This provides the opportunity to meticulously clean each key as well as the underlying tray, effectively eliminating dirt and germs.

What are the key criteria for choosing a washable keyboard?

Choosing a washable keyboard involves considering several important criteria:

Water protection rating (IP rating)

A keyboard with a higher IP rating offers better protection against water and dust. Make sure to choose a keyboard that meets your specific needs for water resistance.

Compatibility with your operating system

Ensure that the keyboard is compatible with the operating system you are using, whether it's Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

Typing comfort and build quality

A good keyboard should offer optimal typing comfort, especially if you use it for long periods of time. The build quality is also important to ensure the durability of the keyboard.

Price and warranty

Compare the prices of different available washable keyboards and consider the warranty offered. A slightly more expensive keyboard with a longer warranty may be a wiser long-term investment.

How to properly clean a washable keyboard?

Properly cleaning a washable keyboard is essential to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. The cleaning process is relatively simple, but it requires some attention to preserve the integrity of the device. Before starting, it is essential to disconnect the keyboard from the computer to avoid any electronic damage. Consult the manufacturer's manual for specific instructions and make sure that your keyboard is actually designed to be washable.
For splash-resistant keyboards, cleaning with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth is usually sufficient. If necessary, a mild detergent can be used to remove stubborn stains.
Submersible keyboards offer more flexibility. They can be washed with warm water and mild soap, rinsed, and then left to dry completely before reconnecting them to your computer.
Keyboards with removable keys offer the possibility to clean each key individually, as well as the keyboard tray underneath, for optimal hygiene.
However, there are mistakes to avoid when cleaning a washable keyboard. Never immerse a keyboard that is not designed to be submersible, and avoid using harsh cleaning products. Additionally, make sure the keyboard is completely dry before using it again to avoid electrical damage.