Examination table

The examination table or examination couch or chair is medical furniture on which the patient lies to be examined by his doctor. It is therefore an essential element in consultation whether it is for a general practitioner or a specialist. It is used practically in all medical specialties. It is found in all consultation rooms: in hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices.
In this section, Placemed offers a wide range of examination tables from the biggest brands of medical furniture. You will find examination tables at fixed and variable height, electric and manual, gynecological, pediatric, massage, physiotherapy, etc.
All the furniture offered on Placemed meets quality, safety and environmental standards and covers all the needs of health professionals: gynecological, osteopathic, pediatric medical examinations and care, physiotherapy, massages, etc.

QUEST echocardiography examination table
The Quest exam couch allows variable height ranging from fifty-four centimeters to ninety-four centimeters while providing great stability. It is a complete solution with...

Examination table Certified professional

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