Medical scrub caps

In this category dedicated to medical textiles, Placemed invites you to discover a wide selection of protective Medical scrub caps offered by major brands and certified suppliers. Whether you are looking for a disposable, reusable, puffy, fitted or integral cap, our medical equipment suppliers will be able to provide you with the best possible support to make your purchase in the best possible conditions.

What is a medical scrub cap?

A medical scrub cap is a textile medical device for individual protection. It is designed not only to protect the healthcare professional's head from pollution, preventing harmful particles from settling on their hair and scalp, but also to ensure perfect hygiene and safety for patients. Indeed, it creates a sort of barrier against cross-infection and protects the health of medical personnel.
Due to its ease of use and low cost, the medical cap has become essential not only for medical staff, but also for patients.

Disposable vs reusable model?

The disposable cap is the most obvious and most commonly used model by caregivers. Whether sterile or not, this model is intended for single use for a given period, while the reusable cap is capable of withstanding numerous washes, disinfection, bleaching, decontamination, etc. A sterile disposable model necessarily undergoes special treatment before being packaged and sold, so that it can be used safely by practitioners during medical procedures requiring complete sterility. The non-sterile disposable model is used during standard medical examinations that do not require complete sterility of the working environment.

What are the most popular styles?

  • Bandana style cap: designed in a rounded shape, hugging the head perfectly, it is usually equipped with fasteners allowing a better adjustment. It is comfortable to wear and usually has a high level of protection. The bandana style is suitable for both men and women, with both short and long hair.
  • Bouffant scrub cap: made in the form of a wavy strip folded in a zigzag and assembled into a strip elastic. It offers a greater capacity to contain the hair. It is particularly practical for long hair and puffy hair and does not leave marks on the skin even after prolonged wear.
  • Surgical hood: designed in the form of a helmet, it is very practical and provides the professional with health maximum protection. Unlike other styles, this one protects the hair, ears, back of the head and neck.

How to choose a medical scrub cap?

The most economical option for a health pro is disposable polyethylene caps. These generally have excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals. However, in addition to their disposable nature, i.e. not reusable, they are less comfortable to wear and offer less breathability to users.
A good disposable scrub cap should be made from hypoallergenic, lightweight and breathable material. It should also reliably protect hair and scalp from moisture, dust and harmful substances.

As for reusable charlottes, they are most often made of hypoallergenic, breathable and permeable natural cotton. They are pleasant to the touch and offer great resistance to humidity and chemicals. They can be washed and ironed without any problem.
Other models may contain polyester in their manufacture, a material that gives them more resistance and durability. These models are reputed not to crease and not to cause irritation to users.

Placemed reserves this stand for sellers and manufacturers with rich catalogs so as to offer you a wide choice of medical scrub caps with various shapes and colors: blue, white, pink, green, yellow, transparent, with or without a pattern...

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