Medical cap

The Creyconfe Unisex Palermo Love Medical Cap is specially designed for demanding healthcare professionals. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this bandana features an ...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

Discover the Creyconfé Palermo Antracita surgical cap, designed to provide comfort and protection in the medical environment. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this un...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

Discover the Creyconfe unisex medical cap, Palermo Bandana model, designed for health professionals seeking both style and protection. This cap incorporates cutting-edge ...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

.... lightweight, breathable, and wash-resistant fabric. | Made from 100% cotton (Autoclave) for maximum comfort. | Say goodbye to neutral outfits and discover vibrant colors and designs. | |...

Medical cap Certified professional

Explore the benefits of the Creyconfe Unisex Bandana Palermo Tracks cap, specially designed for healthcare professionals. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this cap fe...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

Explore the benefits of the Palermo Animals Bandana, crafted in 100% polyester microfiber. This medical headwear combines style and functionality with its unisex design a...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

The Palermo Sorriso doctor and nurse bandana, made from 100% polyester microfiber, is specially designed to meet the demands of healthcare professionals. This bandana inc...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

The unisex dentist bandana cap Creyconfe Palermo, adorned with a dog & cat pattern, combines functionality and style for healthcare professionals. Crafted from 100% p...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

Discover the Creyconfe Bandana Palermo ABC unisex nurse cap, designed for demanding professionals. Made from 100% polyester microfiber, this cap not only provides excepti...

Medical cap Certified professional Creyconfe

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Medical Caps for Healthcare Professionals: Comfort & Safety!

At Placemed, we understand that every detail counts in demanding medical environments. That's why we have carefully selected our range of medical caps, designed to offer both safety and comfort. Each cap in our collection is made from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal protection and impeccable hygiene.
Whether you are operating in the surgery room or providing daily care, our headwear is designed to perfectly fit your professional routine, while allowing you to express your personality with a variety of styles and patterns. Join the many healthcare professionals who already trust our marketplace to combine functionality, comfort, and elegance. Explore our selection now and find the ideal cap that will accompany you in every moment.

Medical Caps in Professional Practices

The medical cap is an important piece of equipment in preventing cross-contamination in medical environments. By covering the hair, it helps maintain a sterile environment, which is essential for the safety of both patients and medical staff. Indeed, far more than just functional accessories, caps are subject to rigorous regulatory standards, ensuring optimal protection against infections. This regulation ensures that each medical cap meets the strictest quality and efficacy requirements, thus reinforcing their essential role in maintaining hospital hygiene practices.

Variety and Specifics of Medical Caps

The range of medical caps offers a remarkable diversity, suited to every specialty and individual preference, ensuring both functionality and compliance with the strict demands of the medical environment.

Surgeon Cap

Specially designed for surgeons, this type of medical headgear offers complete hair coverage and is often made from light and breathable fabrics for maximum comfort during long operations.

OR Cap or Block Cap

Used by all personnel operating in surgical rooms, these caps are essential for maintaining the sterility of the operating environment. They are available in different models to suit all hair styles and personal preferences.

Nurse Cap

Designed for nurses, this model combines style and functionality. It is often chosen for its comfortable design and varied patterns, thus adding a touch of personality within the uniformity of hospital attire.

Dentist Cap

Dentists prefer caps that combine comfort and hygiene while allowing easy identification by patients and staff.

Women's and Men's Caps

Medical caps are also differentiated based on gender preferences, offering designs and cuts that better fit the shape of the head and the volume of hair.

Physician Cap

Generally more sober and professional, the physician's cap often reflects the seriousness and authority of the profession.

Long Hair Cap

This type of headgear is specially designed to comfortably contain long hair, ensuring that nothing protrudes and that all hair is well covered.

Choosing and Customizing Medical Caps

Choosing the right medical cap is not just a matter of complying with hospital standards; it's also a matter of personal comfort and style. The customization of caps allows healthcare professionals to show their uniqueness while respecting strict hygiene rules. Customization options can include various patterns, colors, and even embroidery of names or logos.

When purchasing a medical cap, several factors must be taken into account:


The choice of fabric plays an essential role in the performance of medical headgear. It is imperative that the material is breathable to maintain a comfortable body temperature, easy to maintain for hygiene, and robust enough to withstand multiple washes without degrading.


The cap must be snug enough not to slip and spacious enough not to cause headaches. Therefore, it is important that these headgear are designed for a precise fit, ensuring that they stay in place without slipping, while being spacious enough to avoid unnecessary compression that could cause headaches.


The design must be suitable for both professional standards and personal preferences, offering a variety of options to express individuality while maintaining a professional appearance.


Selecting the right size is important to avoid constant adjustments that can disrupt medical procedures. A perfect fit contributes not only to comfort but also to the functionality of the headgear, ensuring effective and continuous protection.