Medical tunic

Since the medical tunic is an important item of clothing in many medical professions, Placemed has given it a full stand. Like all the medical devices and hospital products offered on our marketplace, women's or men's medical tunics are no exception to the rule in terms of quality and variety. Thus, the different collections exhibited in this stand, from the “women's medical tunic” to the “men's medical tunic” via the “nurse tunic”, are marketed by certified suppliers who have proven themselves in the medical textile sector.

Our partner suppliers offer you complete ranges of high quality tunics, comfortable and very easy to put on, for all tastes and adapted to all needs. Quickly discover this wide choice which comes in several colors and models: for women, for men, ventilated, classic, dentist, Physiotherapist, etc.

What is a medical tunic?

The medical tunic is an essential element of the textile outfit of a healthcare professional. It is a work garment very similar to a blouse. It is generally designed without buttons and is put on directly over the head. Some models may have zippers or press studs. It can be used in different care establishments: hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, pharmacies, dental practice, etc. It can be considered, especially in the hospital environment, as a protective material, both for the professional and for the patients, in addition to being an effective means of identification by which a doctor, for example, can be easily distinguished from other people. present in the service.

How to choose a medical tunic?

Having a medical tunic of good quality and appropriate to one's profession is extremely important for the look of nursing staff and their daily comfort. Usually, the choice of medical uniforms is decided directly by the healthcare facility through its purchasing manager. In some liberal professions, it is the professional who directly chooses his medical uniform, especially when it comes to the "nurse tunic".


Generally speaking, white is the most common color used in the manufacture of medical uniforms. However, more and more manufacturers are offering their textiles in colors other than white. Independent medical establishments often choose a color other than white, and nurses are increasingly opting for blue when it comes to the nurse's tunic. The choice of color is most often based on a color code historically linked to the discipline practiced.


Once the choice of color is finished, it is necessary to look at a very important criterion which is that of comfort. A good tunic is one that provides the professional with great freedom of movement and a great ability to move properly. It is often better to choose a shorter medical tunic with short sleeves.


The materials used during manufacture determine the quality of the medical tunic, especially with regard to its degree of resistance and breathability. Materials such as linen or silk are excellent for this type of uniform. In general, a good uniform, whether it is a tunic, blouse or trousers, should be made of quality fabric, with strong seams and reinforced stress points. This is essential to ensure great resistance and good durability over time, especially since we know that it is often exposed to all kinds of bodily fluids and substances, and therefore to frequent cleaning.


The right size of a uniform is an important element not only for the look but also for the comfort of the caregivers. Nevertheless, in summer, it is preferable to opt for wide, light and simple models.


To get a good price on your medical textile, do not hesitate to ask our sellers!

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