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Designed for healthcare professionals, the EVA Plus medical clogs stand out with their lightweight, latex-free EVA construction, providing exceptional comfort throughout ...

Medical clog Certified professional Dian

The MEDIPLOGS Clogs offer an ideal solution for healthcare professionals seeking comfort and safety. Their side-perforated design ensures adequate ventilation, crucial in...

Medical clog Certified professional

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This stand is dedicated to medical clogs for women and men. You will find all types of medical shoes: non-slip hospital shoes, comfortable nurse clogs, men's medical clogs, women's hospital shoes, medical sneakers, baskets, etc. Placemed has selected for you the best collections of the biggest brands in medical footwear. These selections are offered by reliable partner suppliers. They are composed of models that perfectly meet the requirements of the hospital world as well as the current European safety standards. These models provide healthcare professionals with maximum protection and great comfort by avoiding sore feet at the end of the service. Open or closed, they are easy to use and maintain. Many styles and colours are available in this marketplace stand dedicated to professionals.

What is a professional medical clog?

A professional medical clog; often referred to as “nurse clog”, “nurse clog” or “hospital clog”; is an inseparable element of the outfit of nursing staff, as important as the gown or the medical cap. It is necessary, even mandatory, in some disciplines requiring the professional to stand for long hours during the service.

It is one of the most common types of medical footwear used by healthcare workers, including surgeons, nurses, and orderlies. At first glance, it looks more like ordinary slippers, but it is not, because it is a very special shoe that requires great technicality in its manufacture. The medical clog is very light and made of materials that make it very easy to clean and disinfect. It is usually made of leather and comes with a thick, flexible polyurethane sole. It provides comfort and protection to healthcare professionals and optimizes their daily movements. Knowing that these people spend their day or night standing, they therefore need appropriate footwear, which offers safety and comfort at the same time. In certain professions, the staff performs their service in a standing position, day or night, and the medical clog intervenes precisely to prevent them, on the one hand, from pain in the feet and back, and, on the other hand, from accidents related slips and trips.

The medical baskets / sneaker can be a great alternative to the clog. Moreover, this type of medical shoe is becoming more democratic day by day. The medical sneaker usually has laces and is made from a perforated material such as leather, suede or thick textiles.

How to choose a medical shoe / clog?

Today, sites specializing in medical textiles offer a very wide range of medical shoes for different uses, in various styles and colours: classics, sneakers, clogs, moccasins, etc.

When choosing a medical shoe, especially when it comes to a medical clog, the non-slip property of the shoe must be a determining factor, in the same way as the comfort and well-being that it can provide to users. Fortunately, modern shoes for doctors often offer comfort and protection and hygiene.

In addition, the choice of a medical clog or any other type of professional shoe must be determined according to the intrinsic characteristics of the speciality practised. For example, a nurse in a hospital or clinic spends most of her day on her feet. Uncomfortable clogs with high heels or shoes made of non-breathable materials can significantly affect her performance and make her more tired. A good pair of shoes suitable for the profession exercised is not superfluous, but an absolute necessity to maintain one's performance while preserving one's health.

Here are some selection criteria that could help you in choosing your professional medical footwear:


It is better to give preference to natural materials. Quality natural materials allow the skin of the foot to breathe well and ensure a good level of air and warmth. Certain synthetic materials may cause rashes or fungal diseases in some people. It is therefore necessary to favour materials such as natural leather, nubuck, suede or thick textiles.


The choice of form must be adapted to the requirements of the profession exercised. The wide round toe models are ideal for staff working in a clinic or hospital. These models are comfortable, do not put pressure on the toes and reduce the risk of the appearance of corns.


Shoes for hospital staff should be chosen with an orthopaedic insole or arch support. This protects flat feet and distributes the body load evenly so that the wearer's feet tire as little as possible.


The nurse clog, like all medical shoes, is made in light tones such as white, beige, light gray, etc. On this kind of colour, dirt is immediately visible, which makes it easier to maintain its hygiene.

Some practical advice

  • Perforations and natural materials ensure maximum breathability and prevent the feet from sweating.
  • Choosing a small sole of 1 to 3 cm raises the foot and avoids overloading the muscles and tendons.
  • Use protective inserts for flat feet.
  • Choosing a soft sole, such as PU, is necessary to alleviate the load.
  • Choose materials suitable for the sterilization process.
  • Contact several sellers of “medical clogs” in order to obtain as much information as possible and a better price.