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The white Creyconfe AVILA blouse for men embodies the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern practicality. Carefully crafted in a blend of 65% polyester and ...

Medical gown Certified professional Creyconfe

This BP brand men's stretch medical coat is designed to meet the demands of healthcare professionals. It combines unmatched comfort and great functionality thanks to its ...

Medical gown Certified professional BP

The BP® brand's white medical coat for men stands out for its 100% cotton fabric, offering an exceptionally comfortable and breathable wearing experience. Designed with l...

Medical gown Certified professional BP

The Azalée Lyocell Holtex Blouse is the perfect choice for healthcare professionals who value both comfort and eco-responsibility. Made with 50% Lyocell, an innovative eu...

Medical gown Certified professional

Specially designed for healthcare professionals, the Bally men's blouse combines style and practicality. Made from a blend of polyester and cotton, it ensures durability ...

Medical gown Certified professional COMED

Designed for healthcare professionals, the Briki women's blouse offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. Made from a durable blend of polyester and cotton, this...

Medical gown Certified professional COMED

The Edelweiss Lyocell Holtex medical blouse is a perfect blend of functionality and environmental stewardship, specifically designed for healthcare professionals. Made wi...

Medical gown Certified professional

This unisex white medical coat, crafted from 100% cotton, is essential for healthcare professionals who value both comfort and appearance. The quality of the cotton ensur...

Medical gown Certified professional

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Find our collections of medical gowns from the biggest brands and offered by the best gown suppliers in France and around the world. A wide choice of medical gowns for all tastes and adapted to each profession awaits you. Whether you are a dentist, physiotherapist, surgeon, doctor, pharmacist, caregiver, nurse… Placemed's partner suppliers will be able to meet your needs in terms of protection and medical hygiene.

What is a medical gown?

The medical gown is an individual protection device. This is compulsory clothing worn mainly by healthcare personnel, but also by patients and visitors. Its role is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by erecting a barrier between the healthcare professional and his patient or the materials to which he is exposed and which may be potentially infectious. It can also, in some cases, protect vulnerable patients with weakened immune systems, by reducing the risk of transferring microorganisms from the professional to the patient.

How to choose your medical gown?

A medical gown can be differentiated based on various criteria, from size and sleeve length to design materials to usage designation.
Today, there are various classifications related to it with several levels of protection that must correspond to the working environment of the healthcare professional. As there are also various designations that it can take depending on its use and the nature of the health establishment that uses it: surgical gown, isolation, disposable, dental, doctors, intervention, operating room …
Nevertheless, whatever the name given to it, when choosing a medical gown, the most important element that must absolutely be checked is the level of protection for which its use is intended. This information is usually found on the label and sellers often include it in the description of their product sheet.

Once the level of protection has been determined, other key considerations may come into play in the choice of this textile medical device:


The sterility of this medical device is an essential criterion of choice for health professionals performing invasive examinations when there is a risk of contamination. Non-sterile models are usually sufficient for general care.


Although there are standard sizes, it is important to choose the correct size whenever possible. A gown that is too tight or too wide can affect the practitioner's performance, and even compromise his safety and that of his patient in some cases.


To work comfortably and safely, breathability can be a very important selection criterion in certain professions, in particular laboratories and vaccination centres.

La Reusability

There are reusable and disposable gowns in all four standard levels of protection. Each model has advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, disposable medical gowns are often more appreciated by healthcare professionals because they are more practical than reusable medical gowns.

What are the protection levels of a medical gown?

Depending on the levels of risk, there are 4 levels of protection of the medical gown:

  • The 1st level corresponds to a minimal risk: its use is recommended in standard medical units, during basic care or for visitors.
  • The 2nd Level corresponds to a low risk: its use is recommended in pathology laboratories, intensive care units, during a blood test or during a suture.
  • The 3rd level corresponds to moderate risk: its use is recommended in emergencies, during an arterial blood test or during the insertion of an intravenous.
  • The 4th level corresponds to a high risk: its use is recommended during surgery, long procedures or when non-airborne infectious diseases are suspected.

Knowing the difference between these four levels of protection is essential for the healthcare professional. It is indeed a good way to identify the most suitable gown for your work environment according to the protection offered. Generally, only Level 3 and 4 gowns are considered surgical or surgical isolation.

In addition, the quality of this medical clothing plays an important role in the image that a healthcare establishment or healthcare professional sends back, even if its main mission is to ensure a high level of hygiene and protection.