A medical thermometer is a medical device used to measure and display the value of an individual's body temperature. It was developed between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. Since then, this small medical device has continued to evolve. Today it has become an essential tool for all health professionals. Indeed, the normal body temperature is 37 ° Celsius, and detecting its variation greatly contributes to the accuracy of the patient's diagnosis.
In this category, Placemed has selected for you a range of thermometers, both rich and varied. From the biggest brands, this selection includes all thermometer models: classic, electronic, ear, forehead, etc., in order to effectively meet all the needs of the medical professions.
Some of these models can be used at home, however It should be noted that all medical devices displayed or sold on our marketplace are intended exclusively for professionals.

Wee Touchless forehead thermometer
The Wee brand Touchless fever thermometer gives very precise measurements in one second. When a fever is detected, the d...

Thermometer Certified professional

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