Biological microscope or optical microscope is medical equipment that can be used in various scientific fields, especially in biology. This equipment usually has a lens and eyepiece to magnify the image of a small object so that you can see details imperceptible to the naked eye.
Placemed offers a complete range of microscopes and various accessories to meet all laboratory needs and routines. From major brands, the equipment and accessories offered in this section have been selected on the basis of their performance, high precision, ergonomics and robustness.
The quality of observation of a biological microscope is closely linked to the quality of its objective, the type of its head and its magnification.
Current technology offers three types of heads depending on the number of eyepieces they integrate. There are binocular, trinocular and monocular heads.
You will also find in this category a range of initiation microscopes to familiarize yourself with microscopic observation.

AmScope 3D Binocular Led Laboratory Microscope - B120C
The B120C 3D Binocular LED Laboratory Microscope is designed by the medical manufacturer AmScope. This device can be used in clinical examination and in various laborator...

Microscope Certified professional

Fluorescence microscope - MF43-N - Mshot Brand
The model MF43-N is a research-grade fluorescence microscope standard used for laboratory and clinical microscopy. This microscope is developed by the brand Mshot. It mic...

Microscope Certified professional

Laboratory microscope - compound binocular - SWIFT SW380B
The SW380B professional binocular laboratory microscope is designed by the leading medical microscope brand Swift. This is a medical device dedicated exclusively to labor...

Microscope Certified professional

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