Shelving and Storage

Designed to meet the demands of healthcare environments, our ergonomic and modular workstations perfectly adapt to the specific needs of medical teams. Featuring adjustab...

Shelving and Storage Certified professional

Designed for healthcare professionals, our 400x600 aluminum shelving system is available in two models to meet various storage needs. The SYSRAY2 model, with its two colu...

Shelving and Storage Certified professional

This chrome steel wire shelving provides a flexible and durable storage solution with 4 height-adjustable shelves, allowing for complete customization of the storage area...

Shelving and Storage Certified professional

This galvanized steel shelving provides a durable and efficient storage solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. With its simplified...

Shelving and Storage Certified professional

The STO25 model offers an ideal solution for healthcare professionals looking for a robust and practical open storage system 600x400. Made from 25mm square galvanized ste...

Shelving and Storage Certified professional

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Shelving and storage play a crucial role in the optimal management of healthcare facilities. In this booth, Placemed presents a rich and diverse selection of medical storage solutions: adjustable shelves, safety cabinets for hazardous products, transport bins, and automated storage systems. Each type of storage equipment offers unique advantages in terms of organization, safety, and accessibility, contributing to the optimal management of medical resources within a healthcare facility.

Definition of Medical Shelving and Storage

Medical shelving refers to the range of storage solutions used to organize and provide accessible storage for supplies, medical devices, medications, and chemicals within healthcare facilities. Medical storage encompasses the processes and systems implemented to manage these resources securely and efficiently.
Effective storage is of paramount importance in healthcare facilities, where speed, accessibility, and product traceability are critical. Poor storage management can lead to delays in care, increased medical errors, and loss of sensitive products. Adequate storage helps optimize operational efficiency, ensure the safety of patients and staff, and reduce costs associated with losses and wastage.

Medical Shelving Solutions

The medical field has unique storage requirements often associated with strict regulations regarding the storage and handling of sensitive equipment and medications. Medical shelving solutions are an essential aspect of organizing these healthcare facilities.

Storage Shelves

Adjustable shelves offer unparalleled flexibility in medical storage. They can be adjusted in height to accommodate different types of medical materials, whether they are small instruments or large equipment. These shelves also provide space optimization, which is crucial in often limited healthcare environments.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are another essential storage and transportation solution in the medical field. These sturdy and hygienic bins are perfect for transporting medical equipment, medications, and other necessary medical supplies. They can be used in various departments, such as laboratories, operating rooms, pharmacies, and more.
One of the key advantages of plastic bins is their durability. They are designed to withstand frequent use and can be easily cleaned and disinfected, which is crucial in a medical environment to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of diseases.

Automated Storage Systems

Automated storage systems enhance the efficiency and accuracy of medical storage. They enable precise inventory control, minimize storage and retrieval errors, and free up time for medical staff to focus on patient care.
Automated storage technologies, such as automated retrieval systems and storage robots, are increasingly being used in the medical field. They provide a fast, efficient, and precise solution for storing and retrieving medical equipment.

Medical Lockers

Ideal for storing small medical supplies and instruments, these lockers can be used for organization and short-term storage.

High-Density Shelving Systems

These systems maximize available storage space by minimizing floor space occupancy. They are perfect for medical facilities with limited space.

Racks for Sterile Equipment

These racks are used to store sterile instruments, keeping them organized and easily accessible while maintaining sterility.