Balance and impedance meter

The SALTER Doctor Style Mechanical Scale is a reliable and easy-to-use weight measuring tool. Designed with a large dial and wide numbers, it offers easy reading for all ...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

The Wall-Mounted Tape Measure Stadiometer is a precise and practical tool for measuring height. Its compact design makes it unobtrusive, which is ideal for limited spaces...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

EXPLORER® Semi-Micro precision laboratory balance, very easy to use, equipped with an eighty millimeter stainless steel platform with a very fast stabilization time. It h...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

Based on german quality and technology, this analytical balance dedicated to laboratories, is equipped with a robust and ergonomic and sturdy draft shield, a colored Touc...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

Manufactured by German Sartorius, the Practum® Precision Analytical Balance is designed for laboratories. It allows fast and reliable weighing while having good overload ...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

Manufactured by the German ADAM Equipment, this externally calibrated Solis precision balance features an HD graphics display, various intuitive functions, a 110mm diamet...

Balance and impedance meter Certified professional

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Placemed has selected the best models of medical scales and height measuring devices for healthcare professionals. In this category, you will find a complete range of scales perfectly suited to all healthcare professions: laboratories, general practitioners, nutritionists, and more. Whether you're looking for an impedance scale, a precision scale, analytical scales, micro-scales, or semi-micro scales, Placemed is the marketplace that allows you to make informed choices and compare prices from the best manufacturers in just a few clicks. Buy your medical device with the best value for money!

What is a medical scale?

A medical scale is a device used to weigh patients in medical and healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and nursing homes. There are different types of medical scales, each suited to specific needs. Medical scales can be classified into two categories: platform scales and stadiometers. Platform scales are used to weigh patients standing or sitting, while stadiometers are used to measure the height of patients lying down.
Modern medical scales are typically equipped with advanced features such as BMI measurement, body mass measurement, body water measurement, body fat measurement, and bone mass measurement. Some medical scales are also equipped with features such as remote display, result printing, computer or network connectivity, data storage, and a lock function to prevent unauthorized data modifications.
It is important to choose a quality medical scale to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. It is also important to regularly check the calibration of the scale to ensure it remains accurate and to clean and maintain the scale properly to extend its lifespan.

What is a medical stadiometer?

A medical stadiometer is an essential measuring tool in the medical field. This instrument is designed to accurately measure the height of patients, from infants to adults. Available in various forms including wall-mounted, portable, and for infants, the medical stadiometer is a key element in tracking growth and development. Whether in a medical office, hospital, or clinic, the medical stadiometer is used to obtain precise and reliable data, contributing to more accurate and comprehensive health assessments. Whether you are a healthcare professional or simply curious, understanding the importance of the medical stadiometer is essential for better health management.

What are the types of medical scales?

Scales are essential tools in monitoring and evaluating patient health. They come in several types tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

  1. Electronic Scale: This type of medical scale offers precise digital readings, making the weighing process quick and easy.
  2. Mechanical Scale: This type of medical scale uses springs and weights to assess a person's weight, providing a traditional and reliable method of measurement.
  3. Pediatric Scale: Specially designed for babies and young children, these scales ensure accurate and safe weight measurement for little ones.
  4. Scale for individuals with limited mobility: Designed to accommodate those who have difficulty standing, this medical scale provides accurate measurement without compromising comfort or safety.

What are the types of medical stadiometers?

The medical stadiometer measures the height of patients accurately and can come in several types.

  1. Wall-Mounted Stadiometer: Typically mounted on a wall, these stadiometers allow for easy measurement of a person's height while standing.
  2. Portable Stadiometer: These stadiometers are lightweight and portable, ideal for use in various locations.
  3. Baby Stadiometer: Specially designed for infants, these stadiometers measure the length of babies in a safe and comfortable manner.
  4. Stadiometer for individuals with limited mobility: These stadiometers are designed to measure the height of individuals who have difficulty standing.