Examination cover

The Emilabo Blue Laminated Examination Sheet epitomizes the perfect blend of quality and functionality for healthcare professionals. Each roll, made in France, signifies ...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The Emilabo smooth white exam paper is the ideal solution for medical environments demanding impeccable hygiene and quality. Each roll offers 135 pre-cut sheets of 50x35 ...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The Emilabo Exam Sheet stands out for its superior quality, made from 100% French pure cellulose wadding. This product, resulting from a close collaboration with a French...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The Emilabo waffle white exam sheet is designed to maximize comfort and durability in medical environments. Made from high-quality cellulose wadding, this sheet features ...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The Emilabo white embossed exam paper is specifically designed to meet the high standards of healthcare professionals. Each sheet of this premium paper measures 50x35 cm ...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The pack of 12 Emilabo exam roll sheets, meticulously made in France, is specially designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Each sheet, measuring 35x50 cm,...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

The Pack of 9 Pure Cellulose Examination Rolls is the ideal solution for healthcare professionals demanding quality and comfort for their patients. Each roll, carefully m...

Examination cover Certified professional Emilabo

Designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, our waffle cellulose exam sheet offers an optimal hygiene solution. With its 2 absorbent plies, this sheet ensures...

Examination cover Certified professional

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You will find in this stand all disposable or reusable consumables in medical examination covers.
In order to cover all your needs in terms of protection and medical hygiene, Placemed has opened this stand for all manufacturers and sellers specializing in protection and medical hygiene.

Whether you are looking for disposable, reusable, laminated, wide, long, for this or that use, we are convinced that our medical device partners will be able to support you in your project and offer you the most appropriate equipment for your needs.
You will find in this category a large selection of medical examination covers, rolls, sheets ..., of superior quality and at the right price, and which will ensure perfect hygiene and maximum comfort for your patients.

What is an examination cover ?

An examination cover is a device for medical protection and hygiene. It is used by all health professionals who perform clinical diagnoses on chairs or examination tables: dentists, general practitioners, pediatricians, gynecologists, dermatologists, physiotherapists, etc. Its main role is to provide protection, hygiene and comfort to practitioners and patients alike. In addition to keeping the furniture in the examination rooms in good condition, in particular couches, tables, armchairs and beds, an examination cover limits the risk of cross-contamination between patients and provides them with a certain comfort by avoiding direct contact with furniture upholstery.
Examination covers, whether padded, plasticized, or embossed, are usually sold in the form of pre-cut rolls to facilitate their use by the healthcare professional.

What models are most offered by our DM suppliers?

The examination pad: waterproof and equipped with an absorbent cushion, it provides good protection for the examination furniture. It can be used when examining seated or lying patients. It is therefore ideal for a care establishment wishing to protect either its examination chairs or its bedding. It generally consists of a hydrophilic nonwoven, and a cushion of fibrous cellulose.

The waffle model: thick, resistant and soft, it offers great absorption capacity and provides a good level of comfort to the patient. Its manufacture requires the intervention of a technique of embossing collage to pad in a double thickness a wadding (wool, silk or cotton) which gives it this soft and soft aspect. The waffle examination cover is ideal for healthcare establishments performing long procedures on their patients.

The plasticized model: generally made of waterproof polyethylene, it offers excellent protection. It is a very popular model in certain medical specialties, particularly in gerontology and gynecology.

The sponge model: soft, comfortable and practical, it adapts easily to any type of table or sofa. It is very popular in physiotherapy, because it protects the upholstery of furniture very well and provides great comfort to patients.

The non-woven model: endowed with great softness, consists essentially of fibers without threads or seams. It is ideal for all types of healthcare establishments: physiotherapy, general medicine, osteopathy, aesthetic medicine, etc.

How to choose your exam covers ?

The choice of an examination cover strongly depends on the nature of the activities carried out by the healthcare professional. A good choice necessarily begins with an analysis of the needs which involve taking into account certain selection criteria such as the pre-cut, the weight, the number of folds, the width and the length. As for the smooth wadding models, they are suitable for the majority of medical professions. Laminated and waterproof models are imperative in certain professions, such as gynecology. As for the embossed models, they are generally very resistant and offer good comfort to patients, they are of interest for professions performing long examinations with their patients.