A dermatoscope is a medical device commonly used by general practitioners, dermatologists, surgeons, and forensic pathologists for diagnostic purposes. This device is equipped with magnifying lenses as well as a lighting system allowing the practitioner to observe with precision the lesions of the skin and those of the mucous membranes or organs.
Placemed offers you in this section a complete range of dermatoscopes. And since the reliability and accuracy of your diagnosis are our priority, we have selected for you the best dermatocopy devices designed by the biggest brands at preferential prices.

Dermatoscope Delta 20 LED for Immersion and Polarization
Discover the Delta 20 LED dermatoscope made by Heine. A medical device, combining immersion and polarization. This makes it very effective in dermatology to accurately di...

Dermatoscope Certified professional

Dermatoscope Xenon Halogen GiMa 31187
Discover the Xenon Halogen dermatoscope manufactured by Gima. This medical device, dedicated to healthcare professionals, is ideal for a preoperative diagnosis of pigment...

Dermatoscope Certified professional

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