Optometric scale

The optometric scale, commonly called the Monoyer scale, is a medical device used in ophthalmology to perform visual acuity tests. Concretely, these are boards containing signs of different sizes, usually numbers and letters, that the ophthalmologist uses to analyze the patient's ability to read some of these signs ...
This category is dedicated to optometric scales in particular and to optometry equipment in general. So you will find a wide range of optometric scales, but also various accessories to test the visual acuity of your patients, whether they are adults, children, literate and illiterate.

Ultra Slim optometric chart - LED optotype - Gima 44712
The Gima 44712 optotype is an optometric scale used to assess the visual acuity and eye health of patients in ophthalmology. This ultra-thin LED model is a new generation...

Optometric scale Certified professional

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