Dental unit

A dental unit is a medical device used primarily by dentists and orthodontists. It is an important part of the work in a clinic or dental office. It mainly consists of an adjustable chair, where the patient will receive the treatment he needs, an operating light to illuminate the oral care area, a rotating instrument holder, a spittoon and a suction system.
In this section, you will find a wide variety of dental units and dental chairs sold alone. Placemed has selected the biggest dental brands for you. The reliability and quality of the medical equipment offered on our marketplace are our No. 1 priority. Thus, you will easily find, among our specialist suppliers, a dental unit that will meet your needs: robust and reliable at a manufacturer's price.

Dental treatment unit with light SKEMA 5
Small footprint and mobility combinedDesigned to meet the needs of the most versatile dentists, the over-the-patient model is compact, thereby ensuring operational comfor...

Dental unit Certified professional

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