Bladder scanner

The bladder scanner is a medical device used in urology to perform ultrasound scans of the bladder in order to estimate its volumes. Painless and non-invasive, this medical device contains an ultrasound probe that allows the healthcare professional to quickly and efficiently obtain precise results on the condition of the patient's bladder.
The Placemed.fr marketplace brings together all the major brands of bladder scanners marketed by our distributors and suppliers of medical equipment and equipment.
Also, tools and accessories to aid urological diagnosis could be offered in this section such as: urine strips, sample vials, graduated glasses, towels, etc.

Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner - VitaScan PD 100570CP
The VitaScan PD is a reliable and accurate portable bladder scanner. It allows to measure the volume of the bladder with an accuracy of + -10% thanks to its ultrasounds. ...

Bladder scanner Certified professional

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