The electrocardiograph is a medical device that allows a graphical representation of the electrical activity of an individual's heart and thus assesses their heart health. It is essential for the diagnosis of abnormalities and heart rhythm disorders.
Placemed offers you in this section a wide range of electrocardiographs and various accessories such as gels, electrodes, papers, clamps, cables, etc. The reliability and precision of your diagnostics being at the heart of our concerns, we have selected for you the best suppliers and the biggest brands of electrocardiographs such as Nihon Kohden, Cardioline, Fukuda Denshi ... etc
Discover our selection and take advantage of the preferential prices of our medical partners. Whether you are a cardiologist or a general practitioner, we believe you will find on our marketplace the medical device that will best meet your electrocardiography needs, at the best quality/price ratio.

D-HEART 8-12 Leads ECG portable electrocardiograph
The D-HEART 8-12 leads ECG Portable EKG machine is a medical device used to record the electrical impulses that cause heart contractions. It is designed for use with a sm...

Electrocardiograph Certified professional GIMA

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