Stainless steel trolley

This ABS medical trolley is a versatile solution for hospitals, nursing homes, communities, and businesses. Designed to meet all kinds of needs, it features a standard-si...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The PRATICIMA Agily 400x400 Care Trolley is a versatile solution for health professionals looking for a mobile and flexible solution for their equipment. This trolley is ...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

Designed to meet the demands of the medical sector, the Cible medical trolley is characterized by its great stability and resistance. Its two white melamine trays, treate...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The Ecomax medical trolley with 2 shelves is an indispensable solution for healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes. Designed to facilitate patient visits,...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The 2-drawer medical trolley is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in hospital and long-term care sectors. This auxiliary medical furnitu...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This plastic medical trolley, available with 3 or 5 drawers, is a practical and modular storage solution for medical consultation rooms, hospitals, and nursing facilities...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This polypropylene trolley with an aluminum structure is a versatile choice for hospitals, medical offices, businesses, and communities. Available in 2 or 3 shelf version...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The PRATICIMA Resin Care Trolley 600x40 is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking for functional and mobile equipment. Its 3 shelves offer substantial stora...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The CARINA Stainless Steel Round Tube Trolley is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking for reliable, robust, and hygienic equipment. Its 2 stainless steel ...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

Durable and designed to meet the demands of medical environments, the stainless steel medical trolley with 2 or 3 shelves is ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, ...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This AISI 201 stainless steel medical trolley, available with 2 or 3 shelves, is a versatile and reliable solution for various applications in the medical sector and beyo...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

The HOLTEX Stainless Steel 3-Tray Trolley is a versatile and practical piece of equipment for healthcare professionals. Its 3 stainless steel trays of 60x40x80 cm offer g...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This universal overbridge is specifically designed to fit on ABS medical trolleys, providing a practical solution to increase storage space. With its easy interlocking sy...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This set of 4 universal rails for ABS medical trolleys offers a flexible solution for increasing storage space and organizing medical equipment. Easily attachable to the ...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

This set of 2 metal stop rods designed for the Ecomax trolley offers a secure solution for keeping medical equipment in place. Easy to adapt lengthwise on the trolley's t...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

ABS protection bumpers for medical trolleys are essential for maintaining the integrity of medical equipment and hospital infrastructure. Made from ABS material, they off...

Stainless steel trolley Certified professional

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Discover our "care trolley" stand and give your profession the ultimate tool it deserves. You will find a unique selection of trolleys specially designed to meet your needs. They embody versatility, robustness, and intelligent design.
The care trolley is more than just furniture. It is a mobile workstation that brings significant efficiency to your practice. It is indeed a true ally for all healthcare professionals seeking efficiency, quality, and durability.
Whether you are looking to organize your supplies, transport medications, or simply improve the care experience for yourself and your patients, our care trolleys will meet your expectations.

What is a care trolley

A care trolley is an essential piece of furniture in the medical field, designed to facilitate the daily tasks of healthcare professionals. Sturdy and versatile, the care trolley is a mobile workstation that allows for efficient organization, storage, and transportation of a variety of medical tools, supplies, and medications.
Specially designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare environment, it stands out with its robust construction, often made of stainless steel or high-strength plastic, and its intelligent design that offers a wide range of compartments, drawers, and trays. It is often equipped with wheels for optimal mobility and a braking system for stability during care.
The care trolley is therefore an indispensable tool for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, whether they work in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. It helps optimize the efficiency of healthcare personnel by providing quick and organized access to care instruments, thereby improving the care experience for both the professional and the patient.
In a medical environment where efficiency and organization are crucial, the care trolley plays a key role in making daily tasks smoother and supporting quality care. With a variety of styles, sizes, and features, there is a care trolley for every need and every healthcare professional.

Use and Maintenance of a care trolley

Organizing a care trolley is essential to optimize patient care and facilitate the work of healthcare professionals. It is important to start by categorizing medical supplies based on their frequency of use and type, and then store them in the various compartments, trays, and drawers available. Frequently used items should be placed within easy reach for quick access, while less frequently used items can be stored in the lower compartments. The organization should be intuitive and consistent, promoting smooth workflow.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of the care trolley are essential to maintain its effectiveness and durability. It is recommended to clean the trolley with appropriate disinfectant products at the end of each day or after each use in case of contamination. The wheels should be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure optimal mobility. Drawers and compartments should be emptied, cleaned, and dried before reorganizing the supplies.
The hygiene of the care trolley is of crucial importance as it can directly impact the safety and health of patients and healthcare professionals. A poorly cleaned trolley can be a source of infection transmission. By maintaining rigorous hygiene practices, healthcare professionals can prevent cross-contamination, protect patients and healthcare staff, and ensure quality care. In summary, the effective use and maintenance of a care trolley are essential for proper medical care practice.

What are the different types of care trolleyS

care trolleys, essential for healthcare professionals in organizing and facilitating their tasks, come in various types that are suited to different needs and care environments.

Standard care trolley

This is the most common model, typically consisting of a stainless steel or high-strength plastic frame, with multiple trays or shelves for storing medical supplies. They are often mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

Trolley with Drawers

For more organized and secure storage, some trolleys are equipped with drawers. These models are particularly useful for storing small instruments or medications that require confidentiality.

Trolley with Integrated Bin

Some care trolleys come with an integrated bin, making it easier to maintain hygiene and quickly dispose of medical waste.

Trolley with Glove or Towel Dispenser

Specifically designed trolleys with built-in dispensers for gloves, towels, or other disposable supplies, offering increased accessibility and convenience.

Specialized care trolley

These trolleys are designed for specific uses such as surgery, dental care, aesthetic procedures, etc. They may include specialized features like holders for specific instruments or sterile working areas.

Adjustable Height care trolley

For added comfort and ergonomics, some trolleys can be adjusted in height to accommodate the user.

How to Choose the Right care trolley?

Choosing the right care trolley can make a significant difference in the efficiency and quality of care provided. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting your care trolley:

  1. Intended Use: The intended use of the trolley is the first factor to consider. A trolley designed for general use will have different features than a trolley intended for specific needs, such as surgery or dental care.
  2. Materials: care trolleys are typically made of stainless steel or high-strength plastic for durability and ease of cleaning. The choice of material will depend on your preferences and the environment in which the trolley will be used.
  3. Storage Capacity: The number of drawers, trays, and compartments you will need will depend on the types of tools, equipment, and supplies you plan to store. Good organization facilitates work and improves care efficiency.
  4. Mobility: Most care trolleys are equipped with wheels for easy movement. Check the quality of the wheels and ensure they are sturdy and maneuverable. Some models also offer a braking system for stability during use.
  5. Size and Height: The size and height of the trolley should be suitable for the available space and the user's height. Some trolleys are adjustable in height for added comfort and ergonomics.
  6. Ease of Cleaning: A good care trolley should be easy to clean to maintain a high level of hygiene. Smooth surfaces and non-porous materials are preferable.
  7. Quality and Durability: Finally, ensure that the trolley is of good quality and durable. A care trolley is a long-term investment, so it should be robust and able to withstand intensive use.