The otoscope is a medical device used in otoscopic examinations to explore the inside of the patient's ear using an artificial light source and magnifying lenses.
This medical device is generally used by general practitioners or otolaryngologists. To examine the patient, he introduced it directly into the ear canal to examine the color and appearance of the patient's tympanic membrane to guide the diagnosis.
To cover all the needs of practitioners, today manufacturers of medical otoscopes offer various lighting options: halogen, LED, MICROLED or fiber optics. Placemed offers you in this section a wide range of medical otoscopes, selected for their impeccable quality and the reliability of the suppliers who offer them on the marketplace.

Heine BETA 400 F.O USB otoscope with rechargeable handle
The BETA 400 F.O USB rechargeable handle is a medical device manufactured by the German HEIN. It is equipped with Xenon Halogen optical fiber illumination, the BETA 400 a...

Otoscope Certified professional HEINE

HEINE K180 F.O. BETA4 USB Rechargeable handle
The K180 F.O model, manufactured by Heine, is a very stylish standard otoscope with fiber optic distal illumination. Designed with XHL Xenon Halogen technology, the K180F...

Otoscope Certified professional HEINE

HEINE mini 3000 otoscope, battery handle, XHL lighting
The mini 3000 pocket otoscope is supplied with 2.5V XHL lighting. It comes with battery handle and five disposable specula. With bright light, this modern pocket model is...

Otoscope Certified professional HEINE

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