The ophthalmoscope is a medical device used in ophthalmoscopy examinations to illuminate the internal environments of the patient's eye (retina, cornea, iris, etc.), thanks to a light source generally located in the handle of the patient. the device. This medical device owes its existence to the great scientist Herman Von Helmholtz who invented it around 1851. Today it has become an essential tool for all professional ophthalmologists.
Placemed offers you in this section a wide range of ophthalmoscopes from the biggest brands and selected for their exceptional quality in order to meet the needs and requirements of all ophthalmologists. The models offered are diverse and varied: stationary, portable, with Led or conventional lighting ...

HEINE mini 3000 LED Ophthalmoscope
The mini 3000 LED is a modern and portable ophthalmoscope made by the German brand Heine. It features high performance LED lighting that provides twice as much light as a...

Ophtalmoscope Certified professional HEINE

Mini 3000 LED Ophthalmoscope - High Quality and Robustness for Precise Diagnosis
The Mini 3000 LED Ophthalmoscope is a high-quality medical instrument, designed to offer accurate and reliable ophthalmological diagnosis. Equipped with a Mini 3000® batt...

Ophtalmoscope Certified professional

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