Adult Pulse II Single Diaphragm Stethoscope - Coral model

The Coral model of the Pulse II Stethoscope stands out for its lightweight design and superior acoustic performance, tailored for medical professionals.

  • Single aluminum bell for high-quality acoustics
  • High-performance tubing with clear sound conduit
  • Ergonomic aluminum binaurals tailored for anatomy
  • High-resolution diaphragm for precise diagnostics
  • Comfortable silicone ear tips and anti-cold ring
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Brand Spengler
Color Coral

Description - Adult Pulse II Single Diaphragm Stethoscope - Coral model

The Coral version of the Pulse II Stethoscope is a premier medical instrument for health professionals, blending lightness with high acoustic efficiency. Its single aluminum bell ensures superior sound transmission, crucial for accurate diagnostics. Optimized tubing guarantees clear, distortion-free listening. Redesigned for improved ergonomics, the binaurals fit perfectly to the ear, offering maximum comfort during long usage periods. The high-resolution diaphragm of the Coral stethoscope enables detailed and reliable auscultation. Suited for use under a cuff, this Class I medical device comes with a 3-year warranty, reflecting its commitment to quality and dependability.

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