Alvi devotes its designing and production to the solution of the logistics and material handling problems (transport trolleys for hospitals, nursery homes, laundries, hotels, industries). Alvi 50 years know-how of aluminium production, and the continuous research for combined employ of different materials, as various plastics and stainless steel, together with light alloy, lead to a constant quality improvement. The producing machinery, highly automated, grants an excellent quality level. The greatest part of the production is directly carried out inside the factory, which has a covered area of more than 9.000 m², on a total area of more than 23.000 m². Alvi exhibits regularly with a booth in the most important international trade fairs such as Medica (Düsseldorf), Arab Health (Dubai), Expodetergo (Milano), Texcare (Frankfurt) and takes part with its own exhibition space in several specific conferences.