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The Braun ThermoScan 3 IRT3030, a reliable infrared ear thermometer, offers precise and fast measurements, essential for healthcare professionals. | Exac TempTM t...

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The Braun ThermoScan 6 IRT6515 is an infrared ear thermometer offering reliable professional measurements with its patented pre-warmed tip and Exac TempTM system. | ...

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The ThermoScan Pro 5999 combines speed and accuracy, featuring innovative technology for reliable measurements. | Exac TempTM technology for accurate and quick measuremen...

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The ThermoFlash LX-26 Premium, a contactless infrared thermometer, offers instant and accurate temperature readings, ideal for healthcare professionals. | MicroSe...

GG60597 Infrared thermometer 14/01/2024 81

The ThermoScan Pro 6000 combines advanced technology with convenient charging, offering quick and accurate tympanic measurements for healthcare professionals. | 2-3 secon...

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What is an infrared thermometer?

An infrared thermometer is a medical device designed specifically to measure body temperature without contact. It is generally used to screen and monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of fever and other infectious diseases. It is also very practical for the medical follow-up of vulnerable patients, in particular the elderly and children.

What are the characteristics of an infrared thermometer?

The infrared thermometer works by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by the body. Infrared thermometers for healthcare professionals are highly accurate and reliable and provide accurate and fast results. Unlike conventional thermometers, these use so-called “contactless” technology, which considerably reduces the risk of transmission and cross-contamination in the medical environment. They are great in every way. However, their accuracy can be affected by ambient temperature, movement, and the environment in which the temperature measurement is taken.

How to use an infrared thermometer correctly?

For optimal medical use, the infrared thermometer should be used correctly by the professional. Before taking a measurement, it must be ensured that the ambient temperature is constant and that there is minimal movement in the vicinity. Then, position the thermometer approximately 2 to 3 cm away from the patient's forehead while making sure it is parallel with their skin. Finally, wait for the thermometer to finish taking its measurement before interpreting the results.

How to choose the right infrared thermometer?

When purchasing an infrared thermometer as healthcare professionals, it is important to take certain factors into account. Firstly, you must make sure that the thermometer is accurate and dependable. Secondly, it should be user-friendly, with results that are easy to interpret. Finally, you must ensure the thermometer is robust enough to withstand frequent use within a professional setting.