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This stand is dedicated to oral thermometers and aimed primarily at healthcare professionals. The oral thermometers showcased here offer a reliable and precise method for measuring body temperature. Designed for the use of healthcare professionals, these thermometers are sturdy and user-friendly. They feature fast scanning systems, LED screens, and sleep modes for convenient and efficient use. Additionally, they are accurate enough to provide reliable temperature readings, making them a great choice for healthcare professionals. Our sellers offer a wide range of oral thermometers, allowing you to select the model that best fits your needs. Choose from our top-quality medical devices to ensure dependable and accurate temperature readings.

What is an oral thermometer?

An oral thermometer is a medical instrument used to measure body temperature by placing it in the mouth. It consists of a sensor that records the temperature. Compared to forehead thermometers, oral thermometers are generally more accurate and can be used to take the temperature of both adults and children.

What are the characteristics of an “ORAL THERMOMETER”?

The oral thermometer is recognized for its accuracy and dependability, making it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. Additionally, it is simple and speedy to use, and can be powered by either conventional batteries or rechargeable ones.
Many oral thermometers measure temperature in just a few seconds and display the results on an LCD screen. They often have a memory function to store temperature readings and an audible alert that sounds when the temperature is outside of normal range.
The advantages of using oral thermometers are numerous. They are highly accurate, dependable, and capable of quickly measuring temperature. They are also compact and portable, making them easy to transport. The disadvantages of oral thermometers include their cost and size. They tend to be more expensive than forehead thermometers, and their size can be problematic for certain individuals, such as children or those with difficulty opening their mouths.

How to correctly use an “ORAL THERMOMETER”?

To use an oral thermometer correctly, here are some recommended steps:

  • Clean and disinfect the oral thermometer before each use
  • Place the device in the patient's mouth between the cheek and the gum
  • Ask the patient to hold the device in place talk or chew
  • Wait a few seconds to display the temperature
  • Record reading the patient's medical record

How to choose the right oral thermometer?

When selecting an oral thermometer, it is important to consider several factors, including: accuracy and reliability of the device, compliance with relevant standards, type of batteries used, and measurement time. Additionally, check if the device has a memory system and an audible alert, and if the size of the device fits your professional requirements.

Furthermore, to find the ideal oral thermometer for your professional needs, we suggest you take advantage of our filter system to examine various options and refine your search based on your criteria. It's also advisable to review feedback and ratings from other healthcare professionals to gauge the performance and quality of different models.