Spengler Mobi Manometer Only - Without Cuff and Tubing - Coral

Spengler Mobi manometer in coral, sold separately without cuff and tubing, offers ergonomics and ambidextrous adaptability.

  • Ambidextrous design for limitless customization
  • Ergonomic bulb for improved handling
  • Precision valve for optimal decompression
  • Durable and shock-resistant for increased longevity
  • Compatible with LIFE LINK® tubing for maximum efficiency
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Description - Spengler Mobi Manometer Only - Without Cuff and Tubing - Coral

The Spengler Mobi manometer, showcased in a vibrant shade of coral, redefines blood pressure measurement standards with its innovative and patented design. Designed to accommodate everyone, the Mobi allows for ambidextrous use, providing total flexibility to adjust the decompression valve, LIFE LINK® connectivity, and spoon according to user preference. The ergonomic bulb, suitable for all hand sizes, ensures increased comfort and efficiency during use. The integrated precision valve allows for fine management of decompression, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. Thanks to its sturdy ABS plastic construction and enhanced protection, the Mobi is particularly resistant to shocks and rigorous use conditions. It is important to note that for full functionality, the Mobi manometer requires a LIFE LINK® tubing, which ensures a quick and secure connection with the cuff, also designed to be lightweight and easy to clean with its TPU coating.

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