Which PDA solution to choose for your drugstore?

Recently, at the heart of public health issues to improve compliance, the company Mdose embarked on the design of a new solution for the Preparation of Doses to Administer innovative from every point of view. This is the PDA Heb’dose, a medical device dedicated to city pharmacists as well as hospital pharmacists, and aimed at securing and optimizing the drug processing chain from preparation in the pharmacy to distribution to the patient's bed.

Which PDA solution to choose for your drugstore?
Which PDA solution to choose for your drugstore?

The Heb’dose PDA: an innovative medical device

For several years now, medicinal iatrogen has been a major public health issue in France. Mdose quickly became aware of this and developed a whole range of products and services to facilitate the observation of people with polymedicines at home or in care establishments. Recently, to complete its range, it deployed a brand new medical solution dedicated to city pharmacists and hospital pharmacists: the PDA Heb’dose.

The PDA Heb’dose medical device promotes good drug practice and allows pharmacists to offer the same single-use pillbox for EHPAD patients and those at home. It includes:

  • SECUR'DOSE © software, a real information system
  • A dispenser pen for the nursing home
  • A single-use pillbox (fruit of 3 years of research)
  • A dispenser box for the home, the Mbox, which will revolutionize the way medication is taken

How to secure your PDA with Heb’dose?

The PDA assisted by Secur'Dose © software has a business interface capable of retrieving prescriptions and all information relating to medication.

The use of this software methodically and respects good preparation practices as well as complete and precise transmission of information for better monitoring and better understanding.

In addition, a filling tray secures and optimizes the preparation time of the Heb'Dose pill dispenser, thanks to:

  • A visual check in mirror with the software.
  • A reminder of color codes.
  • A specialty filling by specialty.

The following video explains how to prepare your HebDose pill organizer using the SECUR'DOSE © software:

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