Cardi-3 High-Resolution 3-Channel ECG Machine by COLSON

3-Channel Cardi-3 ECG by COLSON, a high-performance and portable device for your cardiac diagnostics:

  • Recording in automatic or manual mode
  • Parameter calculation and diagnostic aid
  • Muscular and power line noise filters
  • Dual power supply: mains and rechargeable batteries
  • Comes with accessories and carrying bag
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Description - Cardi-3 High-Resolution 3-Channel ECG Machine by COLSON

The Cardi-3 3-Lead ECG Machine from COLSON is a high-end cardiac diagnostic instrument, offering high-resolution writing and an integrated thermal printer. It allows you to record data in automatic or manual mode, and to obtain precise calculations of cardiac parameters to facilitate your diagnosis. Thanks to its muscle and mains noise filters, you benefit from a clear and interference-free reading. Powered by mains or rechargeable batteries, this portable ECG machine comes with all necessary accessories and a convenient carrying case for clinic use or on the move.

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