Spengler Mobi Manometer Only - Without Cuff and Tubing - Blueberry

Spengler Mobi manometer in blueberry, offered alone without cuff and tubing, for precise and ergonomic measurements.

  • Ambidextrous design for customization to each user
  • Ergonomic bulb fits all hand types
  • Precision valve for improved decompression management
  • Shock-resistant for enhanced durability
  • Compatible with LIFE LINK® tubing for optimal connectivity
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Description - Spengler Mobi Manometer Only - Without Cuff and Tubing - Blueberry

The Spengler Mobi manometer in blueberry shade embodies the cutting-edge technology of sphygmomanometers with its patented and innovative design. Intended to be used without a cuff or tubing, it is specially designed to offer ambidextrous flexibility, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the tool according to their preferences. Ergonomics is at the heart of Mobi's design, with a bulb adapted to different hand morphologies, thus ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency with each use. The precision valve, a key element of the device, ensures controlled and precise decompression, essential for reliable measurements. Its robust construction in ABS plastic and its internal double shell protect it from shocks and falls, thus ensuring a long lifespan. The Mobi manometer requires a LIFE LINK® tubing, sold separately, which facilitates cuff change and ensures perfect sealing, enhancing the device's efficiency and practicality in medical environments.

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