Nursing stethoscopes

Nursing stethoscopes are particularly useful in the infirmary for performing routine examinations or taking blood pressure measurements. Nursing stethoscopes typically have a number of very essential features, such as dual frequency membranes.

Infant Stethoscope - 3M Littmann Classic II
Dual-sided chestpiece with small 1.07 in (2.7 cm) diaphragm is ideal for infant patients - Versatile chestpiece design provides high acoustic sensitivity with both a floa...

LITTMAN-INF-1 Nursing stethoscopes 20/07/2021 497

Nursing Stethoscope - Classic III - 3M Littmann
Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms - Soft-sealing ear-tips provide optimal comfort and an excellent sound barrier - Non-chill bell sleeve helps improve patient...

LITTMAN-INF-4 Nursing stethoscopes 20/07/2021 483

Nursing Stethoscope - Littmann - Master Classic II

LITTMAN-INF-2 Nursing stethoscopes 20/07/2021 525

Pediatric Stethoscope - Littmann Classic II

LITTMAN-INF-3 Nursing stethoscopes 20/07/2021 502

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