Tempasept Lubricated Thermometer Covers - Box of 1000

Tempasept lubricated thermometer covers ensure optimal hygiene during temperature measurements, available in a box of 1000 units.

  • Disposable for dual protection
  • Prevents direct contact with mucous membranes
  • Colored part for easy opening
  • Thin film for accurate measurements
  • Lubrication for increased comfort
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Description - Tempasept Lubricated Thermometer Covers - Box of 1000

The Tempasept lubricated thermometer covers, provided in boxes of 1000, offer a hygienic and convenient solution for rectal temperature taking. Each cover is designed to prevent direct thermometer contact with mucous membranes, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The lubricant on each cover eases insertion, while the thin, durable film of the cover ensures measurement accuracy. Intended for single use, these disposable covers also help to protect healthcare personnel and work surfaces from contamination, ensuring safe and effective use in any medical setting.

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